Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenzie

Today is my sweet and happy little girl's 7th birthday. We'd had a birthday party for her last weekend, and she had a lot of friends show up. She was thrilled to see all of the kids who came. I don't know if it made her feel special because she had a lot of friends there, or because she got a lot of gifts.

It's hard to imagine that she's 7. Time has definitely moved quickly - and today has been a reminder to me to cherish each and every moment. I was watching her as she brushed her hair... and I imagined I could see in her the woman she will one day become. It makes my heart ache that I'm not younger and won't be able to see more of her life as she grows. A bittersweet thing - to be the mother to our beautiful girl, to raise her in my "old age". When most people are getting visits from their grandchildren, I'm just trying to get them to brush their teeth and eat their veggies - I don't get the pleasure of spoiling them.

I just keep counting the blessings I have... and my children are my greatest blessings.

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