Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some encouraging news...

This morning, we received xrays taken last year of her chest and upper abdomen area. They do not show any curvature of the spine. The IA doctor that called us today said she wanted some different pics and more info on her, but said overall her physical and developmental information looked very good.

It's kind of what we were thinking - but not being doctors, we want to be sure we have enough information to know what we may be getting into.

With Kenzie, she had some issues not in her write up - and some health problems that either were ignored or not known at the time we adopted... but we wouldn't have traded her for a billion dollars. I am hoping and praying this is the same case.

We have asked for some more info, and hope that in a day or two we can get everything we need to go ahead with this, which is the way we are leaning at the moment.


Allison said...

My first comment hasn't appeared so I'll repeat the gist of it. I'm sure everything is going to be fine! Based on the experience of friends of mine, one popular IA doctor is very quick to make statements like the one you got. Usually, the fears are unfounded. It sounds like things are under control now. Hang in there. It's most likely that your child is absolutely fine. It's just a drag that doctor probably aged you five years! All the best to you!

Jeff and Amy said...

My heart goes out to you, what a hard decision. Hope you hear more good news in the days ahead that brings you the peace and answers you need. ((hugs))