Monday, March 09, 2009

Freedom discovered

The first time we discover our freedom, we are babies. We learn we can crawl to get from point A to point B - and we begin to realize we are not just an extension of our mothers.

Next, we begin to walk, then run, then....

We learn to ride a bike. Our first experience with mechanical transportation. And it is exhilarating, even for the youngest of children. We learn that there are other ways to get to where we want to go besides walking or driving - and since they can't drive, riding the bike is the closest thing they have (at the moment) to a car - and I have to say, Kenzie and Jia were loving it. Kenzie is really good at getting herself going and not stopping. Jia, however, is struggling a little. She finally caught on that she should keep pumping her legs so the pedals go forward, and to turn the wheel slightly to get turned around so she wouldn't lose her balance (a couple of falls and she decided to listen to me after all).

It's only about 10 more years and the kids will be wanting to drive. Roy and I are dreading the thought - as I'm sure very parent does. I am hoping by giving the kids the time to learn to ride a bike and teach them safety, they'll use their brains and transfer that to their driving habits. But then again, we are talking about when they are teenagers. Seems to me I recall that I was the smartest person on earth and knew all about life and what was right and wrong and my parents were the biggest dumbasses that ever lived. Yeah... I'm sure I'll get the same attitude at some point. I hope it doesn't last as long as my stupidity did.

I'm praying that something I'm doing is going to "stick".

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cabbagemintor said...

Kenzie and Jia have stylish transport. They have so much fun all the time. Yeah, be prepared for a huge battle ahead. Ooh, the "attitude," "mom, you don't understand me," "get out of my face," etc, etc. But, not to worry, they WILL come around and love you so much you can't breathe. I think our generation have done one thing right. We are much better at communicating and empathazing with the younger generation. If done in proportionate ways, like you are with your kids, being kind but firm, they will understand your motive and purpose much earlier. You are doing a very good job indeed. Remember you said, "I want to put a smile on her face," when you first had Jia's referral pictures? Well, her smiles are shining on us every day now!