Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jia is Five Years Old

Jia turned five years old over the weekend. We brought in balloons and cupcakes to her preschool and Jia enjoyed the extra attention shown her by our friend Deb. She saved the day by picking up the cake and balloons for me. I worked the day for my parent volunteer work at the preschool.

OH - and Jia loves the climbing wall they have at the preschool.

Then at home, we had the cake - and Jia was so happy to finally have her birthday. She had been waiting for it for the last two months.

On Sunday, we visited my mom. McDonald's is their favorite place to eat (what else is new?) and I can't get over how good the girls are getting along together. Looks like they are having fun.


Gail said...

Happy Birthday to Jia!
Looks like she had a fun time!
I love the pictures of the girls together.
You have 2 very beautiful children.

Super Mommy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jia! Looks like she had lots of fun - the McDonald's picture show a girl with shear joy in her heart! Glad to hear the girls are adjusting well to each other!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday, Jia!

cabbagemintor said...

Thanks for the lovely pics. Jia is really special now; and she will be celebrating all her birthdays from now on with her own family who love her forever. She will continue to put down her emotional, social and intellectual anchors in her new country with the help of mom, dad, jie jie, grannies, Deb, her teachers and other kind people around her. She is like a ray of sunshine and it is so heartwarming to see the two girls enjoying each other's company. She has been waiting for two months? Bet she had been saying,"go to sleep, birthday" for sixty days then. LOL! Jia, I know that you will seize all the love and opportunities given you to grow up to be a wonderful, clever, hard working, and compassionate young woman who is a credit to your parents and your community. Best wishes and all my love!

angelchica said...

Happy birthday to Jia! Yay, that's cool that she and Kenzie are getting along. Wait til she remembers about lycees =) I sent you an email. Wedding is Sept 5!