Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lynn and Arthur - Mandarin Lessons

Here is a picture of our friends Lynn and Arthur with Kenzie. They are Chinese students at the university here, and I think the world of them. They had begun teaching Mandarin to several of our little girls and the adults in our local Families with Chinese Children group back in February. When summer came, it was called off (partially because they were going to travel during June, and partially because everyone has "other" things to do during the summer). However, I felt it was important to keep getting some kind of information and learning Mandarin, so they were very kind to have Kenzie and me come over to their place so we could continue to learn. I say "we", but in reality, Kenzie is very reluctant to participate in saying anything in Mandarin. I hope that changes. Case in point, usually, while Lynn and Arthur were teaching the other little girls to speak Mandarin (and the other children were participating), my daughter would sit to the side and make faces the whole time. Or if they tried to get her to say something in Mandarin, she would just spew nonsense and then laugh at herself. She appointed herself the comic relief.

I am (fervently) hoping that she is more serious by the time she actually makes it into grade school. But I have this feeling the teachers will be having a devil of a time with her and her antics. I got to give her credit, she's pretty creative for a 3 year old.

I will say that Kenzie is crazy about Lynn and Arthur. She just adores them and is always excited to be going over to their apartment. I am so glad... because I want to provide her with as many positive role models as I can, and it is even more important that the role models be Asian. And I'm very happy if they are Chinese. She knows she's Chinese, but I really don't know that she understands what that means yet.

My girl can be a bit goofy. She put her socks on her hands... like little puppets. She thought that was terribly funny. Posted by Picasa

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