Monday, August 28, 2006

Registered Sex Offender Website - LOOK NOW!

I have added to the side bar a link to the Family Watchdog website. Here you can enter your address and see where the local sex offenders live and work. I found this site extremely interesting. And SCARY... I mean - who wants to admit that a registered sex offender lives just a couple blocks away from my mother's house?

My hope is that this will definitely raise your awareness that you cannot - and I mean cannot - be too cautious or too aware of your surroundings. This one guy lives just down the street (not even half a block) from the very grade school I attended, which is just a block away from my mother's house.

Please - if you do nothing else today when you read this, go to the website and check out where you live. Know who lives and works near your home and near the schools your children attend. And talk with them about the dangers.

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