Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baba is the man!

We have found out that when it comes to bedtime, Jia only wants to sleep next to Baba. If he isn't next to her, she cries so pitifully and won't stop until he is beside her. And all the time she is crying she says "Wo ai babaaaa! Wo yao babaaaaa!" [I love daddy. I want daddy.]

Guess Roy has his role for the evenings mapped out for him.

Too cute.

Later today, while Kenzie is at school, I will take Jia with me shopping for groceries. I wonder how she'll do in the store....


Gail said...

Baba to the rescue!
How nice that she is feeling secure next to him!

You will have to post about your trip to the store.
Its a whole new world for her.
Exciting and scary.

Mendy said...

A Daddy's girl for sure. I bet Daddy smiles from ear to ear to hear Jia say that. Precious.