Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More about Jia

Well,, it's day three and we've been to Tiger Park and an Orthodox Russian church (now just a museum type area). We had the girls feed pigeons in the square, which was a treat. The tigers were unbelievalbly huge... some of their heads were up as high as the windows of the van.

We are finding that Jia is generous. She will share her stuff. We had bought her some blocks. She gave Kenzie some to play with. When Kenzie came to take one more, Jia didn't want her to take any more and jumped up and down and cried. I told Kenzie that she had enough blocks to play with and shouldn't have taken any more. In fact, Jia had given her most of the blocks. Jia settled down and I played with her a little with the blocks. But once she was done, she took the rest of the blocks and gave them to Kenzie to play with. However, we are finding out that she does not like to be told no... and she is stubborn - very stubborn. We are thinking that she is actually younger than her given age... that or her emotional development is on par with a young 4 year old, not a child almost five. I sometimes can't tell if the things we are seeing is a result of the children being raised or treated different in China, or if it's a product of orphanage living, or if it is a developmental issue due to her age given being incorrect. However, we are sure that we'll not start her in Kindergarten next year in the fall. I think an extra year out of school would be good for her, and so does Roy.

Jia is very vocal. She chatters constantly. Most of it we can't understand at all... and she is pretty loud when she talks. I have a feeling that in the orphanage, the loudest got the attention. And Jia is LOUD! But when she's tired, she quiets down a bit.

She loves to brush her teeth, to wash her hands, she's learned to wipe herself when she goes to the bathroom, she loves to sing, and is the biggest tease. I know I've said that last one, but it's worth repeating. There's a lot of testing behavior... doing things she knows she's not supposed to, but looking at me for a reaction when she does. If it's not harmful, I have been ignoring it. But when she's tried things that she shouldn't, I gather her in my arms and hold her for a few moments and then allow her to go back to playing.

She picks up on how to do things fast. She didn't know how to button buttons together. I showed her one time and she can do it now. First time we went to a restaurant, she was banging every utensil, plate,and chopstick she could find. I would take them away and put them far from her so she couldn't do that - returning only what she needed when it was time to eat. The next time we went to a restaurant, she began to bang and I said, "Give to Mama." She smiled and gave me everything but her plate. The next time, she just started to give me her utensils and extra stuff.

Our guide, Lynn, asked her if she loved her mama, baba, and jie jie. She said yes. Then Lynn asked which one she liked the best... she said she loved her jie jie best. That's good. Not so sure that the feeling is completely reciprocated at this point... but it will be as time goes on.


Lisa said...

Julie, you are GLOWING! :) BIG hugs to Kenzie, bless her heart--so great that Jia loves her so much already. Some folks from back home have not been able to post to your blog and asked me to send their good wishes. We're all praying for you guys!

Gail said...

Like I said before...You are going to be a busy Mama!!
She has a lot of energy.
She looks like a happy child and sounds like she is learning (quickly) how to behave in this new world of hers.
Keep up the good work Mama!!

fivekidz said...

what a great post. I am so happy to see that things are going so well and the sisters are adjusting.They do tend to spoil the kids even those in SWI's, not with gameboys etc but they do get their own ways often.I would hold off on any firm decisions about school, Jia may just amaze you with how quickly she picks up everything especially having Kenzie around. Jia certainly sounds like a smart little girl. Its been almost a year since my daughter "gotcha" day (12-3-07). Zoe was 3 and 1/2 at the time and knew NO english but within 4 months she was speaking as well even better as most kids her age. Jia also may be used to having many kids around. Just go with the flow and see how things unfold. I am enjoying your journey. I think this older child adoption is a wonderful blessing. Yes we also learned quickly when she sounded like a cat she had to go... have a great remainder of your trip. peace and much happiness bonnie

Super Mommy said...

Great update!! I hope Jia is sleeping well for you. It's great to hear she likes her Kenzie - I am certain Kenzie will like her too soon enough! I am keeping you all in my prayers . . . Love the photos (that jacket is too cute!).

Susie said...

I've got this goofy smile on my face -- so happy for all of you!! How is Kenzie doing? It's got be a BIG adjustment sharing mommy and daddy. Enjoy the moment! Susie

Anonymous said...

What a beauty you have got! Jia seems like such a doll, even with all the new changes. I can't wait to see how she grows and attaches to you. What a wonderful family you three are. Becky

cindy said...

I adore the photo of Jia on your lap, Julie. Both of you look so happy!!! How is our little Kenzie? I know this must all be so strange for her. I hope she begins to find ways to play with Jia. It will all come together. Let Kenzie know that we love her and miss her!!

Keri said...

Jia is gorgeous! What a beautiful smile. I kept 2 of my bios out of school for a year and I have never regretted it. They are straight A students and much more mature than they would have been if they had gone a year earlier. I think it is a great idea to keep her home another year and let her adjust and mature.
I'm enjoying following along.