Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Walmart and Jia

I took the kids to Walmart to do some shopping. We needed groceries and especially the Chinese noodles - so I went to town buying things for the pantry.

As we walked through, Jia would point at things at the shelves as if to say "I want that, and I want this, and I want that over there, and some of that..." If I stopped for anything, she would begin to grab as many cans/bags/pieces of the item as she could carry to put it in the cart. I know she feels more like a family - and I'm sure she's never experienced the joy of being able to put as much food into a shopping cart as it can carry and to know that there will always be something to eat.

This was a great experience for both of us, and I find that she's beginning to cling a little more to me today.

I also wanted to pierce Kenzie's ears today... but that didn't work out. I'll have to go out to the mall again tomorrow. We went to Walmart and asked there if they pierced ears, but the old biddy looked at me and then the kids, and asked me if I was their mother. I told her of course, that the children were adopted from China. She asked "Where are their papers?" As if they were dogs I just picked up from the pound. I guess I should have expected it - but wow... that was a real shock. Walmart lost a lot of respect from me for not training their people better in how to ask for documentation. I understand the concern, but the attitude and phrasing that she used was truly objectionable, especially when my oldest was standing there listening to the entire conversation. Worse, I am willing to bet that she doesn't ask for any documentation from bio parents - or parents who have adopted children who are of the same race.

I think I will talk with the manager about this... he or she should be informed about their employees' lack of finesse.

OK, got a cranky baby - gotta get her to bed.


Super Mommy said...

I'm sure Jia was in heaven at the grocery store!

How tacky was that lady? I took both my girls to the dermatologist for their ear piercings - never had anyone as for documentation - especially in such a rude way.

I would speak to the manager about this person too.

Catherine said...

So sorry this happened! You're wise to talk to the manager so that this person can be trained better on how to tactfully speak to customers.

Hope tomorrow is a better day when you're able to get your little one's ear's pierced.

Gail said...

Sounds like Jia is adjusting nicely. I am so happy for you.

I would definitely let the manager know what happened.
That was soooo "not good".
Just reading that made me a bit angry to tell you the truth!

Diana said...

OMG..I would complain about the lady at WM. I hate that store but keep going back.
Your girls are adorable and next time I am in Bloomington I will look for you out and about:)

Mendy said...

I would definitely be talking to the manager. Should have asked her for her "papers" that allows her to do the piercing. UGH! Why do people have to be like that, especially in front of the children.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Sorry about the yucky experience in WM. Not only rude, but stupid really comes to mind. Seriously, are you going to drag some random kid off the street to take them to WM to get their ears pierced?

Has McKenzie started asking about ear piercing? I ask because I often wonder at what age I will get Olivia's done.

Lisa said...

DIdn't you know that Walmart is the evil empire anyway? SIP does ear piercings, BTW (or at least in Bedford they do).

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Manager? I would go to cooperate. This is beyond lack of tact.

I am tempted to go into my local Walfart with my adopted daughter (who happens to look a lot like me) to inquire about their ear piercing policy.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

OK I have been thinking on this since I read the post last night. I have done a few informal surveys amongst mommies that have taken their girls ( or boys) to have their ears pierced.

NO ONE was asked to prove they were the parent. They were asked to provided ID for themselves but nothing else.

I continue to think this needs to go beyond the manager. Let us know what you decide to do.