Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today - we go to Guangzhou

this morning, we will meet with Susan, who is the director of Adoption Services at the Civil Affairs Bureau. She will be bringing Jia's passport and a photo album of her during the procedures at the Civil Affairs Bureau. We don't have her birth certificate, and that worries me. I hope we also get that - we'll need it if we are to register her in Indiana.

Lynn will be bringing the notary paperwork also. We meet in 2 hours in the hotel lobby.

Later this afternoon, we fly to Guangzhou. I hope Jia won't break down in tears again when Lynn says goodbye... but I have a feeling she's going to cry... and who could blame her. This is all she's ever known, and the people she loved all her short little life are no longer going to be there for her.

On the up side, Jia is perfectly capable of putting on her shoes and socks. Instead, she wanted me to do it. Afterwards, I got a huge hug. Bless her.


Lisa said...

Wishing you all (and especially Jia) smooth travels to Guangzhou. HUGS!

Sharon said...


I'm so loving your posts. Jia is beautiful, as is your entire family. Congratulations on your journey there. You're doing a great job.


Super Mommy said...

Hope you have a great flight! You are so close to coming home!!

Lisa said...

This is unrelated and a little early but I'm not sure when you'll get to e-mail or blog comments...We wanted to wish Kenzie a happy 6th birthday!
Lisa, John & Anna